Our regular customers particularly value the high durability and long life of our cold protective clothing. They choose our cold protective clothing because it is practical, stylish and very solid.

Outer materials:  Strong, tear-resistant polyamide rep fabric (nylon), breathable and water repellent

Insulation:  Special-PE fiber fleece from DuPont, quilted

Lining:  Nylon

Care Instructions:

In order to use your work clothes for a significant time, it is important to note the following care instructions:

  • Keep the clothes dry when not worn
  • Store the clothes in a ventilated, dry and warm place
  • Do not store the clothes in a compressed way, but loosely suspended
  • Keep clothing away from intense heat (e.g. radiators)
  • Regular cleaning leads to comfortable working
  • We recommend hand wash or gentle machine wash
  • Avoid high-speed tumble drying, bleaching and dry cleaning