Coldstore Clothing Line

Freezing temperatures make any activity a particular challenge. Our cold store clothing protects you against temperatures up to -49 ° C, but they are breathable and so comfortable that you almost forget that you are wearing them.

We offer a range of vests, jackets, overalls, parkas, coats and pants that you can rely on under extreme conditions at any time. In combination with our accessories for head, hands and feet you can reliably achieve the desired thermal protection.

Our clothing is not only light and convenient but also very durable. Our more than 40 years of experience in cold protective clothing is visible in details that prove themselves in a rough working environment day in day out. Our best selling jacket for example is particularly tough due to the sturdy zipper and the rivets at the stress points.

HF Boy | Coldstorage Protective Clothing

Its outer nylon fabric is the same as the one used in safety belts or tarpaulins. It is not only waterproof and breathable but also abrasion and tear resistant. So you are prepared for work in the cold store.

Product Range

Our Coldstorage Protective Clothing Line is made up of the following products:

HF Boy | Jackets


HF Boy | Vests


HF Boy | Trousers


HF Boy | Overalls


HF Boy | High Visibility Garments

High Visibility Garments

HF Boy | Parkas & Coats

Parkas & Coats

HF Boy | Coldstorage Protective Clothing Products


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